Fighting privilege, prejudice and ignorance

“If you choose to do social justice work, you are going to screw up – a lot. Be prepared for that. And when you screw up, be prepared to listen to those who you hurt, apologize with honesty and integrity, work hard to be accountable to them, and make sure you act differently going forward.” (


Who We Are

Dina  (She/her/hers)

I am a senior at Barnard College (the women’s college at Columbia University) majoring in environmental biology but have a passion for social justice. I grew up in a small, (mostly white and privileged) “liberal” college town in Massachusetts.  My father is an illiterate Jamaican immigrant and my mother is a Jew from outside of Boston with a master’s degree. Both of my parent’s have locs and identify as Rasta.  I am biracial, bisexual, cisgender, and agnostic.  I also have an astigmatism so I’ve worn some sort of corrective lens since I was three.  I am an adult child of an alcoholic who suffers from both depression and social anxiety disorder.  I grew up with strong influences from both Judaism and Rastafari. 


Laura (She/her/hers)

I am a 20 year old junior studying Journalism at Ramapo College. I am mixed race (white and Korean) and a lesbian. I also identify as fat and as an atheist. My privileges include white-passing privilege, cisgender privilege, class privilege and able-bodied privilege. I am an extrovert with low social skills. I enjoy writing, reading, nail art, music, playing The Sims and studying true crime.


Leili (She/her/hers)

I’m a first-year studying International Studies, Gender Studies and Pure Mathematics at Melbourne University. I’m mixed raced (Iranian and White) and pansexual. I used to identify as Muslim, but as I’m currently undergoing a period of research and transition (as of 2/2/14), I currently identify as Agnostic. I grew up in Eastern Sydney - a mostly white and privileged area - and suffered as a child from mild anxiety disorder. My privileges include white privilege, cisgender privilege, class privilege and able-bodied privilege. I’m a super outspoken intersectional feminist, and I love reading, writing (performance poetry, songs, autobiographical pieces etc), and theatre/drama.


Charissa (xe/xem/xyr)

I’m a genderfluid Chinese and I identify as panromantic and asexual. I’m also neuroatypical, am legally blind without visual aids and used to have single-sided deafness. As for my privileges, I’m non-autistic, dyadic, able-bodied and AFAB. I’m a passionate intersectional feminist and anti bigotry and oppression of any sort. I like music and words and occasionally write bad poetry. 


Zoë/Leo - Both are my names, use both of them, not necessarily at the same time, but please use both  (zay/zir/zirs/zirself or fie/fire/fires/fireself)

I’m a 22 year old non-binary trans person.  My most comfortable gender words are genderplasma aliagender.  I’m in community college, my last year.  I’m transferring to NC State University next year to major in sociology.  I’m queer and pansexual.  I identify as sensuromantic, which is on the aromantic spectrum.  I’m fat and neuroatypical.  I have a severe case of panic disorder, major depression, generalized anxiety disorder, depersonalization disorder, and adhd.  I am a cousin of autism (  My mother has MS and my father is a cancer survivor.  I don’t take kindly to ableism.  As for religion, I’m an agnostic neo-pagan with atheistic and polytheistic tendencies…. So I don’t believe in a deity, but since the agnostic part of me allows me to ask “what if,” I believe that if there were a deity, there’d be a deity system.  My neo-pagan beliefs center around energies and spirits.  I don’t take kindly to religion bullying of any kind.  All religions are to be respected, dominant and non-dominant.  I grew up in a lower class environment and have spent years on food stamps.  I have also spent some time in the middle class, and my extended family is upper class… I count this as disadvantages and privileges.  Other privileges include:  I’m white, I’m dfab, I’m able bodied, I own a car, I’m from the US, and it’s not thought of a systematic privilege, but I have supportive parents.  


Melanie (She/her/hers)

I’m a sophomore at MCTC majoring in American Indian Studies with emphasis in Dakota. I grew up 15 years of my life on my small reservation in southern Minnesota. Growing to school in one of the racist and hate embedded city in the entire state. My father is Colombian ( born in Colombia )with Wayuu and Basque descent and my mother is Native American with a hint of a Swiss. I’m Deaf, and suffering with depression and social anxiety. My privileges included white passing and class privilege. I love reading, telling the truth for my people who suffer from historical trauma, beadwork, and watching Netflix.